Is Crossfit for me?

We are firm believers in the old Crossfit principle that “the needs of your grandma and a Navy SEAL differ only in a degree, not kind”.

That being said, EVERY WOD (workout of the day) is designed with scalability in mind. This means that you can be an elite athlete, someone recovering from an injury, a soccer mom, a college student, or a grandma and be doing the same workout with everyone else. It’s all about community and we understand that within a community, different people have different needs. Each workout, therefore, is scalable to meet the needs of each participant.

If you can’t do a particular movement or exercise, we’ll offer a comparable alternative or reduce the intensity. If you have an injury or physical limitation, we will help you work around it.

Want more of a challenge? We’ll be HAPPY to embolden you to the next level!!!

Have’t worked out in ages?? No worries, we’re patient, understanding and are here to help.

So if you’re wondering “Is CrossFit for me?” the answer is an emphatic “YES!” Come check us out and see what we mean.